Call for Papers (Download CFP Leaflet)

The sponsors and organizers of BDPC 2025 invite submissions of high quality big data research papers describing original work, including but not limited to the following topics:

# # Track 1 - Big Data Architecture and Systems

Big Data Algorithms, Applications and Services
Structured and Unstructured Data/Text/Web Mining
Big Data Architectures
Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
Big Data Analysis Analytics and Metrics
Big Data Analysis Architectures
Big Data Open Platforms
Big Data Quality and Provenance Control
Big Data Toolkits
Foundational Models for Big Data
Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments
Hardware/software infrastructure for big data
Techniques, models and algorithms for big data
Tools and systems for big data
Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing
Big Data Analytics and Metrics

# # Track 2 -Data Encryption and Privacy Protection

Hardware and Software solutions for Big Data Searching, Storing and Management
Privacy and Security for Cloud and Big Data
Virtualization Technologies, Cloud Data Management and Storage, Cloud Resource Management and QoS
Big Data Analysis Encryption
Big Data Analysis Management
Big Data as a Service
Big Data Encryption
Big Data in Business Performance Management
Big Data in Enterprise Management Models and Practices
Big Data in Government Management Models and Practices
Collaborative Threat Detection using Big Data Analysis Analytics
Management Issues of Social Network Big Data
Models and Languages for Big Data Protection
Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
Security and privacy for big data
Big Data Management
Big Data Protection, Integrity and Privacy
Security Applications of Big Data
Anomaly Detection in Very Large Scale Systems
Big Data Persistence and Preservation
Data quality issues: such as validation, metrics, optimizations and consistency

# # Track 3 - Big Data Analysis and Computing

Big Data Mining and Analytics
Big Data Processing and Querying
Data Visualization and Visual Analytics
Evolutionary and Bio-inspired approaches for Big Data analysis
Big Data Visualization
Machine learning based on Big Data
Data-driven innovation, computational modelling and data integration
Data intensive computing theorems and technologies
Big Data Analysis Search and Mining
Big data analytics and social media
Data mining, graph mining and data science
Intelligent Data Processing
Visualization Analytics for Big Data
Big Data Models and Algorithms
Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data
Big Data in Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Big Data Search and Mining
Novel Computational Intelligence approaches for data analysis


# # Track 4 - Big Data Science and Applications

Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data
New domains and novel applications related to Big Data technologies
Scientific Applications of Big Data
Scalable computational intelligence tools
Cloud and Big Data for Internet of Things (IoT)
Government and Industrial Experiences for Cloud and Big Data
Green Computing and Networking Technologies for Cloud and Big Data
Big Data Education
Big Data Analysis for Business Model Innovation
Big Data Analysis for Enterprise, Government and Society
Big Data Analysis Economics
Big data applications: Bioinformatics
Big Data for Business Model Innovation
Big Data for Enterprise Transformation
Big Data for Vertical Industries (including Government, Healthcare, and Environment)
Big Data in Smart Planet Solutions
Machine learning and AI for big data
Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics
SME-centric Big Data Analytics
Software Engineering for Cloud Computing and Big Data
Software, hardware and algorithm co-design, high-performance computing
Software and tools for big data management

# # Track 5 - Data Security and Blockchain Application Technology

Blockchain based lightweight data structures for IoT data
Blockchain based IoT security solutions
Blockchain in cyber physical systems
Blockchain in social networking
Bolckchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing
Blockchain in 5G
Blockchain in edge and cloud computing
Blockchain and trust management
Cryptographic hash function
Distributed ledger
Distributed consensus algorithm
Blockchain for business
Blockchain for industries
Blockchain for Cryptocurrency security
Blockchain for supply chain solutions